Jul 21, 2014

the elusive mushroom

I'm still working on my series of botanical paintings and I'm also focusing a bit on fungi too. Mushrooms fascinate me because of their ability to grow so rapidly. Some sprout and are fully formed overnight. Elusive and resourceful they find life in unexpected places. They are the perfect subject for a curious mind.

Their lack of chlorophyll distinguishes them from green plants and instead of making their own carbon food supply from the air, fungi use carbon materials already prepared by green plants. The ultimate in resourcefulness.

All plants have adaptive qualities but those that seem to thrive in the most difficult environments or have evolved in unusual ways for their own survival are pretty important for us to study. We can learn so much from their habits if we pay attention.
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Jul 16, 2014

DIY Yarn Bowls

In this week's episode of Crafts for Kids we are making Yarn Bowls. These bowls are sculptures, really, and are a great sensory plus dimensional art project rolled into one! Watch our video this week and learn how to make some!

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Jul 9, 2014

DIY Silly Putty

Using only 2 ingredients, learn how to make your very own Silly Putty! Watch our latest episode of Crafts for Kids and learn how! 
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Jul 2, 2014

Unusual Plants

I just got back from a vacation in South Carolina with my children. Inspired by the flora there, I'm starting to paint again. I'm most interested in unusual plant life and this one in particular Sarracenia flava or the Pitcher Plant, really fascinates me. It's carnivorous. Carnivorous plants, trap and use animals (mostly insects) for nutrients. The ultimate of survivors, they have evolved this way because they live in places where the soil lacks the nutrients they need to survive. This adaptation is both thrilling and fascinating to me and for this obvious reason, inspires me to create.

I'll try and update you as I move along in this series of paintings. Definitely a shift in direction from my regular work (mainly centered around crafts) but I'm betting if you follow along here, it's because you appreciate all sorts of creative adventures!
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Wild Kratts Puzzle for PBS Parents

Need a great Wild Kratts summer boredom buster craft? With a few simple supplies you can make your own Wild Kratts puzzle! Learn how with our video this week! 

p.s. I think these would make great Wild Kratts theme party favors for a birthday, don't you? 

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Jun 30, 2014

Milk Jug Raft and 3 Awesome Sponge Crafts!

Need a couple of craft project ideas to help you soak up the summer sun? Check our latest videos out!
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Jun 13, 2014

TV Segment: Father's Day Gift Ideas

I was on Let's Talk Live on Monday chatting it up about hot trends for Father's Day! Want to find out about a fishing rod that can fit in Dad's pocket? Watch the full segment here!
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Jun 11, 2014

Tie Dye with TEA!

Learn how to Tie Dye with TEA in our video this week! This earth-friendly project is a great way to teach kids about natural dyes and a fun summer boredom buster too. Watch our video to learn how!

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Jun 10, 2014

IG Party for YOU

Find. Follow. Share.
If you have an instagram account then this is the BlogHop party for you - a wonderful way to find, follow and share with other creative parents. We all love to capture our lives as mothers, everyday adventures with the kids, crafts we've made, art projects, and even our creative work beyond our lives as moms!

Come link up your Instagram account and grow your audience with us.

This Instagram Blog Hop is co-hosted on TEN blogs! (awesome ones :)

The rules of participation are simple

1 follow your hosts

2 link up your Instagram profile below

Use the linkup below to find and follow some new Instagram friends - so many inspirational ladies all together on one page!! 

Please help spread word of the #momsoninstagram bloghop on twitter, facebook and Instagram.

Make sure to use hashtag #momsoninstagram when sharing your photographs and searching for inspiration on Instagram - keep uptodate with everyone, you won’t want to miss all the awesome shares :)

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Jun 4, 2014

Make a Paper Bag Neighborhood!

Make a lovely, imaginary neighborhood completely out of paper bags! This week's video will walk you through and show you how! You will simply need paper bags, a little paint and some scissors to craft your way to a fun-filled afternoon. Line the sidewalks with your housed and let your toys stroll through the neighborhood.

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